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We provide a broad range of services to meet each of our clients individual needs. Call us to schedule an appointment. These are several services that we offer:

Income Tax Preparation

Our firm prepares hundreds of tax returns each year for a wide variety of clientele. We prepare Individual tax returns, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, Fiduciary and Non-Profit tax returns. 

Sales Tax Reports

As stated above, not all small businesses have the capability or desire to handle all faucets of their accounting needs, so we step in an handle issues where needed. Sales tax rules are very complicated, but we try to simplify them as much as possible. For some clients, we file monthly sales tax reports in multiple states for multiple locations. 

Compilation of Financials

A Compilation of Financial Statement is a fancy accounting word for "Profit & Loss" or "P&L" as most of our clients call it. A monthly "P&L" for management of a company is crucial feedback on the operations of the company. We offer monthly compilations to many of our clients. ​​

Proactive Tax Planning

As a small business owner or a hard-working individual taxpayer, it is one of your highest concerns to keep more of the money you make. We understand that concern and strive to help you achieve that goal. There are many tax saving strategies from Corporate income tax, payroll taxes, individual taxes, capital asset disposal and much more. For Sarah,Tax Planning is actually one of the most enjoyable aspects of Public Accounting.


We understand that not all businesses are large enough to employ a full-time accountant to prepare payroll, so we offer full service payroll preparation to our clients that need that service. This can include direct deposit or paper checks, depending upon the needs of the client.

Bookkeeping Services

Some of our clients need us to pay their bills, reconcile their bank accounts and produce monthly financial statements. This is a service we offer to clients when it is needed. We will cater our services to fit your accounting needs.

QuickBooks Training

Our firm is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and everyone in our firm uses QuickBooks software on a daily basis. QuickBooks software is the most popular software used by small businesses to help track income and expenses, prepare payroll, etc. We offer Quickbooks Setup & Training Services to many of our small business clients.

CFO Outsourcing

When you own a small business or run a non-profit and you unexpectedly lose your accountant, you need help and you need it fast. We have many times filled in for a client's bookkeeper in between the time that a staff leaves and a new one is located. We can prepare payroll, pay bills, make deposits etc until you find a long-term solution and sometimes we are the long-term solution! 

We can even help you locate a new bookkeeper or CFO.

Payroll Reports & W-2's

When you own a small business, one of the most daunting tasks before you is understanding, collecting and paying all of your taxes correctly. When you hire employees, withhold taxes, remit those, report on those liabilities and file your Year End Payroll Reports, it becomes a stressful task. We are here to help however you need us. For 2016 our firm filed over 1,500 W-2 forms for our clients. 

Small Business Consulting

The most important part of starting a business is making sure that everything is setup correctly: your legal structure, your operating agreements, your bookkeeping system, your controls, etc. Consulting a professional is crucially important to the success of your new business. We do small business startup consultations on a regular basis. 


Running a business and managing employees isn't easy.
"You don't build a business - YOU BUILD PEOPLE - and then people build the business."
-Zig Ziglar

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